Cannot connect to Gems of War in Russia: Server issues on start up

If you’re playing from Russia some recent political movements may affect your ability to connect to the game and play Gems of War. If you are affected by this issue you may receive a connection or server error when attempting to open or load the game.

Recently, the Russian government blocked a collateral amount of ISPs and communication services in an effort to stop the messaging app Telegram from use. There were concerns over the safety of the app and its link to terrorism. In doing so, the government inadvertently blacklisted access to Google, Amazon and millions of other IP addresses widely used across the country.

These changes have been made by the Roskomnadzor—Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media. As this affects the law and order of Russia and the decision is in the hands of the government, at this stage we are restricted in our ability to assist players with connection issues from Russians attempting to play Gems of War. Some of our servers are hosted by Amazon and other IP Addresses that are blacklisted by the government, so we have no timeline of when this issue will blow over or if we have the power to move our hosting so that Russians can play. Additionally, the full extent of how many users this affects is not clear, and it it may not be affecting all players.

The Gems of War team apologies that this has occurred and that we can’t immediately help you get back into the game. We’ll continue to update you here if we learn more.

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