When to contact support: Report a bug and Request Types

Select the correct "Request Type" when submitting a ticket so Technical Support can help you efficiently, and learn why Bug Reports and Game Feedback/Questions are closed.


'Request Types' help give the Gems of War Technical Support a brief indication of the type of problem you are having, categorise the ticket and help you correctly based on your issue.
These are examples of the types of issues that fall under each category:

Account Issues - Forgotten password, account recovery, lost account, account linking.

Bug Report - A glitch or issue where the game is not acting as expected. To Report Bugs go to the forums here.

Guild Management - Inactive guild leader, guild name-changes, problems promoting, kicking or using your guild.

Missing Rewards - No rewards from a PVP battle, upgrading a Guild Wars sentinel and not receiving the bonus, opening a chest and not getting the loot.

Player Report - Reports of hacking, cheating, or abusive language/harassment in Global Chat. 

Purchase Issue - Real money purchases in-game or purchases made with Gems or Glory from the 'Shop'.

Technical Issue - Game crashes, freezing, or connection errors.

Game Feedback & Questions - Questions about how the game works and suggestions on improvements. Technical Support cannot help with this, to provide feedback please go to the forums here.



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