4 or 5 gem matches do not give extra turn


This issue is fixed in Update 3.6.

The issue:

Some four or five gem matches will not give extra turns and the AI will take the next turn immediately. This is caused by making a move before all traits have finished activating in the game.

Fixing the problem

Slowing down the animation speed will not help. To resolve this issue until the next update fixes it, try waiting waiting until all the Traits have finished activating on both the enemy and your own team. The animation will need to complete for each troop.

If you are experiencing this issue and would like to help the dev team fix this, please contact support with "Technical issue" selected and the following information:

  1. Did this happen at the start of a match or during a match?
    • If it happened at the start, please try waiting for all the trait animations on the enemy and your team to finish.
  2. Were you matching Doomskulls?
  3. Were you using any troops that have spells which explode Gems?
  4. What exactly did you do when this happened? Any details to allow us to replicate the issue is helpful.
  5. Any videos you have.




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