Guild Wars

Battle it out in Guild Wars to prove your Guild is the strongest, earn rewards and see how you compare against your Guild-mates. Guild Wars is on once every 3 weeks and runs for 7 days.

  1. Register for Guild Wars BEFORE the week of Guild Wars
  2. Day 1 is setup day - make sure you've upgraded your Sentinels for bonuses and setup your defense teams for the week
  3. Fight a different Guild each day, for 6 days.
  4. Each Guild member gets 5 battles against the enemy guild and earns points.
  5. The guild with the higher points total each day wins, and earns rewards.
  6. Guilds are ranked on their points totals, and earn rewards at the end of the week.

1. Register for Guild Wars

Either the Guild Leader or a Rank 2 Guild member needs to ensure the Guild is registered to participate in Guild Wars BEFORE setup day starts!

To register for Guild Wars:

  1. From the World Map go to the Guild Menu
  2. Select Guild Wars
  3. In the top right corner select Register
  4. Select Register


 2. Setup your Defense Teams and Sentinels


On the Defense Tab make sure you have chosen a Defense Team for every day of Guild Wars.

You can't change a defense team once the day it is set for has begun.

Once the day has started you will be able to see your defense results under each team:

  • " - " means no defense battles fought
  • the left number is how many times your defense team has won
  • the right number is how many defense battles have been lost

Your opponent will lose Guild Wars Points if you win a defense battle which makes it more difficult for the opposing Guild to win the day and also makes it more difficult for them to place first in your bracket for the week.



Before the first Guild Wars day starts you should also consider levelling up you Sentinels to give all your troops a stat boost. In addition to receiving this boost yourself, guild members who have a higher Guild Wars rank than you will also receive a small skill boost from your upgrades.


3. The Schedule

You will fight a different Guild every day for 6 days. To find out who you're scheduled to fight, check the Schedule tab. We can also see the total Guild score so far for each day. Your Guild's points are on the left, the opposing Guild's score is on the right.

Once the day is over a green sword will appear in the Result column if your Guild won the day, a red skull will appear if your Guild lost the day.



4. Attack

Each guild member will have 5 battles against the opponent's Guild.


On the Attack tab we can see:

  1. Which day of Guild Wars we're on and which colour day it is.
  2. The total Guild scores so far for the day
  3. The 5 players you will be facing, their individual Guild Wars rank and the base points you can receive for beating each rank.
  4. A green sword or red skull will show whether you won or lost a battle and at which stage.
  5. The number of battles you have fought that day so far is displayed on the fight button
  6. Click Fight to battle


If you click on the Blue ? button on the right of the guild scores on the Attack screen you can see:

  1. My Progress - The number of battles you've fought so far today and your points for the day
  2. Guild Progress - The number of battles and points your whole Guild has earned today
  3. Enemy Guild Progress - The number of battles and points the enemy guild has fought and earned today.

5. Results

On the Results screen you can see:

  • Where your guild members rank in your Guild for Guild Wars.
  • Which Sentinels everyone has upgraded
  • Battle results so far
  • Total points earned by each member

Your results in the current week will determine your Guild Wars Rank in the next Guild Wars event. The Paragon is the guild member who earned the most points.


6. Ranking

The Ranking Tab shows your Guild's Guild Wars Rank and Bracket (the pool of 10 Guilds that will be drawn from to create your Guild Wars schedule).

Your Guild can climb or drop out of a bracket or stay in the current bracket depending on your ranking when Guild Wars ends.

Every Guild will receive rewards based on Guild Wars Rank when the Guild Week event ends.

To see the rewards each rank will earn, select the blue '?' icon next to "Rewards".




  • Always use 24 unique troops in your Guild Wars Defense Teams, colours don't matter, put your best teams here or if you can use a team that is good against that day's colour
  • Attack team tips: If you know you can win use a team with every troop having the day's mana colour. If you're still new, if you think your full colour team can't beat the enemy, choose any team even if it doesn't have the day's colour. Winning is more important than the colours you use.
  • If you do your 5 battles on the day they're scheduled you can help your guild win the day. If you do the battles late, the points will still count towards the end of week results but not towards the day's results.
  • For advanced Guild Wars point scoring tips, please see this article


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