Kingdoms overview: Unlocking, rewards and Kingdom Power

Kingdoms are the regions in Gems of War that are shown on the World Map. Kingdoms can help you earn gold and allow you to track each unique kingdom's bonuses. Each Kingdom has its own unique set of troops.


Unlocking Kingdoms

To unlock a Kingdom, you must first have unlocked at least one Kingdom that is nearby. As you unlock Kingdoms around Krystara (the world map) they will be shrouded in clouds. Once shown, select the Kingdom to purchase it up to the price of 4,000 Gold. Kingdoms around the edge of the map require higher levels, some up to level 25.

To level up a Kingdom, select it from the world map and choose the 'Kingdom' option in the bottom right. From here select the Gold fee underneath "Level up". The cost to level up the kingdom will increase as the Kingdom's level also increases - the increasing price is the same for each Kingdom.

Quests, challenges and Explore

Once unlocked, you can complete all quests in a Kingdom - ranging from 20-30 battles. Completing these will unlock Challenges (as you progress through the Kingdoms Story) and Explore mode for that Kingdom once the story is complete. Completing all quests in a Kingdom will also award you an Epic troop from that Kingdom who helped guide you through the quests, for example, Luther from Broken Spire.


Class quests 

After completing the main Quests, you'll find that some Kingdoms still have the red "!" icon as if there are new Quests to complete. Some Kingdoms have a Class Quest to complete after beating the Legendary boss. Completing these will unlock a new class for you hero.



Kingdoms earn tributes of Gold and other resources (depending on the Kingdom) which increase as you level them up. These are available for collection when the gold icon bounces over your selected Home Kingdom. Leveling up your kingdom to the maximum level of 10 will also grant you a bonus to tribute, gem Masteries, and a skill (e.g. Life) specific to that kingdom.

Kingdom power

Level up your Kingdom Power Levels to increase daily gold, tribute chance, and skill bonuses specific to that Kingdom. Complete 3 tasks such as earning and traiting troops specific to that kingdom to unlock the next Kingdom level and advance onto the next task up to Kingdom Power 20.

Note: Currently most Kingdoms can only obtain a Kingdom power of level 9 or lower. If a Task says "Not achievable yet" it means that you've reached the current maximum power level for that Kingdom.


Where did my Kingdom Power progress go?

After updating to 3.5, if you were only partially progressed through your Kingdom Power level you will not go up to the next Kingdom Power level or star. 

Note: As of Update 3.5 (Classes and Kingdom Power), Troops, Troop Traits and ascension progress no longer yields points to the next Kingdom Power level. Instead, we now have an easier to use and simpler to track 'Kingdom Task' system.


Note: If you complete more than one Kingdom Power task and return the world map, the animation will only play for the latest level earned or task completed.


Kingdom power level is visible with stars above the Kingdom's name on the world map.


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