Daily Tasks

Login to find four Daily Tasks to complete. Each Task will have a unique reward increasing in value depending on the difficulty of the task.  

Daily Tasks consist of four types. The first task resets daily depending on your level, whereas the other 3 tasks follow a linear progression. Once you'be completed the linear task, each "day" (between Daily Reset)

Once you have sometimes repeatable set of criteria to follow before you earn a reward given by the completed Task.

Some of these tasks will usually ask you to:
Unlock a new Kingdom
Level up a troop
Win battles in PvP
Earn Trophies
Contribute Gold to your Guild Tasks



Daily Task Rewards

Completing one of these tasks will unlock some of the following possible rewards. The more difficult the task, the greater the reward:

  • Gold, Glory or Gem Keys
  • Souls
  • Gems

Resetting Daily Tasks

Only one Daily Task of all four Tasks will change, complete or incomplete, once Daily Reset occurs. Daily Reset is when all the servers change over and a new day begins in Krystara, at 7 AM GMT!

If a task is too difficult there is a "Get new task" button next to each available Task, however this can only be used once per day.


Completing Unique Troop Type Tasks

Some tasks you come across will ask you to use a specific number of a Troop type in a team to complete the task (Like the above task shown in the screenshot). These tasks are specifically asking you to use Unique troops in the team, for example, use a team with 3 Unique Monster troops.

This task requires you to use three different troops that have the 'Monster' troop type: Cockatrice, Mist Stalker and Rock Worm Would fulfill the criteria in this example.

If your Daily Task isn't registering 

Having trouble completing a Daily Task despite fufulling the requirements? Try opening or collecting your mail or spending x1 Key to force the game to connect with the server.




Don't be confused by the following tasks! These ones might be a bit trickier to complete:

  • Win 3 battles using Urska Troops: Make sure these are Troops of the Urksa (bear) type, not just Troops from the Kingdom Urksya!
  • Use Mystic Troops: These are Mystic troops (such as Enchantress), not Mythic.


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