Hero Classes overview: Champion Levels and Talents

Hero Classes enable your Hero to have additional perks called Talents and to power-up your Hero with Gem Masteries and stat bonuses for their particular Class Type.

Hero Classes provide the following benefits for your Hero (some have to be unlocked through game-play):

  • Skill Points (stats)
  • Traits
  • Champion Levels
  • Talent Trees
  • Bonuses (Gem Masteries, Kingdom Bonus, Troop/Kingdom Type Bonus)
  • Class Weapon

To unlock a Class, complete all the Quests in the Kingdom the Class belongs, or wait for a Class Event to begin.

Available Hero Classes in-game


Equipping a Hero Class

To equip or change your Hero Class open the Hero menu from the bottom of the World Map and select the Class Tab. Select the Class you're interested in to find out either how to unlock it, or if you've already unlocked it, select 'Change' to equip it.

Your choice of hero class is not set in stone: you can switch to another class once per day for free, or pay 50 gems to switch at any time. 

If you'd like to view a Class without equipping it, select an unlocked Class and then select 'Customise'.


Skill Points

Hero classes can be leveled up with souls just like other troops, up to Level 20. This provides Attack, Armor, Magic and Life on top of the stats your Hero already has (the amounts vary between classes).

It is important to note that the magic bonus gained from a Hero class only applies when using weapons of the specified color - for instance, Warlords only gain a magic bonus when using Red weapons and Knights only gain a magic bonus when using Blue weapons.



Each Hero Class comes with its own set of Traits. Unlocking them costs the same as it would for a Legendary Troop.


Champion Level

Once you have unlocked and equipped a class you can increase your Hero's Champion Level for that class by fighting battles with your Hero. As your Champion Level increases, you will unlock progress on the Talent Tree.

Here we can see our Champion Level (5) and the experience points needed to reach the next level (5/6).


Talent Trees

Each class has 3 Talent Trees. As you increase your Champion Level, you will be able to unlock new Talents at levels 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 70 and 100. You can activate 1 Talent per Level Tier from any Talent Tree and change any chosen talent whenever you want.

For example, as a Knight you could have the Level 1 Guardian Talent, the level 5 Morale Talent and the Level 10 Light Talent all equipped at once.



Each level (out of 20) grants +1 Gem mastery. If the class is Level 10 or higher, the Hero is given a kingdom (like normal troops), the same kingdom where the class was unlocked. Your Hero will take on the Troop Type of the equipped Class so if you're using the Knight Class, your Hero will be counted as a Knight for team bonuses, if you're using the Titan class, your Hero will be counted as a Giant.

For more information on Team Bonuses click here.

Kingdom_Bonus.JPG  Mastery_bonus.JPG


Class Weapon

Each Hero class has a special weapon that can be unlocked by winning 250 battles with each class. It can then be used by the Hero forever, regardless of which class is selected.

You don't have to have the Hero in your team in order to work towards the 250 wins, however the Class must be selected.


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