Unlocking, upgrading and levelling weapons

Weapons can be unlocked, upgraded and equipped to your Hero to give a special spell separate to Troops. Weapons also give your Hero additional stat bonuses and affects in battles when upgraded to power up your Hero.


Unlocking weapons 

The quickest way to earn a weapon is to purchase one from the Glory Rewards in the Shop. Depending on the guild event running at the time, different types of weapons will be available.


You can also purchase a weapon for real money in the "Offers" (coin sack) menu where a weapon will be available in a Kingdom bundle. 

Note: If you miss out on a Special Event Weapon, don't worry it will eventually be back!

Leveling up your Hero

Level up your Hero's gem Masteries to unlock new weapons for free. Every time your Hero gains a level you can choose between one of two offered Mastery points that are chosen at random every level.  Higher levels of Spell Mastery unlock more powerful weapons of a matching color. For example, if you want to unlock the 'Burning Scythe' weapon, you would need to earn both 40 points of Mastery in Fire (Red) and Magic (Purple) Masteries.

Tip: If you are missing a weapon after completing the required mastery levels, try leveling up once more to trigger the weapon unlock to occur for your Hero.

Types of weapons

  • Artifact
  • Axe
  • Bow
  • Dagger
  • Hammer
  • Jewellery
  • Mace
  • Missile
  • Polearm
  • Scythe
  • Shield
  • Sword
  • Tome
  • Staff


Upgrading a Hero's weapon with Ingots

Upgrade your weapons to gain stat bonuses such as additional Magic, Life, Armor or Attack damage for your Hero, and in the higher levels, Affixes.  Ingots are required to upgrade weapons. Upgrading a weapon requires the Ingots of a matching rarity (Common Ingots for common weapons, Rare Ingots for Rare weapons and so on). There are Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic Ingots. 


Note: You will keep all previous bonuses purchased as you upgrade the weapon to a higher cost.

How to get Ingots

Ingots can be found:

  • Randomly from a PVP battle (including Guild Wars and Arena)
  • Top 100 ranked and PVP tier rewards
  • Gem Chests (which contain Ultra-Rare Ingots or better)
  • Weapon Bundles in the Shop
  • Raid Boss + Invasion Event Rewards and Shop
  • Upgrading Ingots in the Soulforge (at a ratio of 10 to 1)


Equipping and using weapons

Weapons can be equipped in the Troops > Weapons section of the game. To equip the weapon, open a team, select the weapon and add it to the team. Every weapon is used by your Hero.

Here the weapon's level is shown with "+# Weapon" in the title if it has been upgraded, along with the weapon's Affixes (affects), an image of the weapon, the Kingdom the weapon belongs to and the spell info.


Affixes or weapon affects

After weapon level 5 you can gain additional weapon affects called Affixes; which enable you to do an additional affect as well as the weapon's spell each time the weapon is cast. For example, when upgraded to level 10, Dawnbringer will destroy a random Red Gem, gain the Hero 4 Armor and 2 Attack, and so on.

The first 5 levels of all weapons will only award a stat bonus, however each level-up of weapon rarity after that will unlock a new Affix. A common weapon can only have stat bonuses, but a Rare weapon can have 5 stat bonuses and one Affix.


Up to 5 weapon Affixes and 5 bonuses are available on a Mythic weapon like Dawnbringer.

Earning Affixes

The stat bonuses and Affixes available for each rarity are:

Common - Stats + No Affix
Rare - Stats + 1 Affix
Ultra-Rare - Stats + 2 Affixes
Epic - Stats + 3 Affixes
Legendary - Stats + 4 Affixes
Mythic - Stats + 5 Affixes

Note: The weapon's Affix will trigger after the weapon's spell or damage is cast. Abilities that would 'spawn x color Gems if the troop is Frozen' will not trigger as the Affixes take place after the spell has resolved.


Types of weapons and their stat bonuses



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