Hero Class Events

Class Events allow you to earn extra Champion Experience for the Event Class and rewards. Use class events to unlock Classes without unlocking the Kingdom the Class belongs to.

There are 2 types of Class Events:

  1. When a new class is released there will be a 3 day Class Event
  2. 24 hour events will run roughly every 2 weeks for older classes

You can find Class Events in the Games Menu on the World Map.


If you don't have the event's Class unlocked yet, you can complete a Class Quest from the Class Event Overview screen.

Sigils are needed to play Class Event battles:

  • For 3 day events you'll receive 4 Sigils per day
  • For 24 hour events you'll receive 8 Sigils
  • You can earn extra Sigils either by defeating Valravens in the event battles
  • or by making Class Event Shop purchases.


How to earn Rewards

Defeat all 5 Champions in any order to unlock a Reward Stage. Once defeated, the Champions can be fought again, up to 8 times at increasing difficulty, to unlock greater rewards.

When building your Class Event team, the Troop filter will only allow you to choose troops from the Event Kingdom and the troop type each Event Class belongs to. For example, the Warlord Event will limit your troop selections to Giants that are from Broken Spire.



See who is the Champion of the Class on the Leaderboards and earn extra rewards if you make it into and hold a position in the top 100!


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