Missing assets (Orbs, Ingots, etc) on PS4


Under investigation by the game team

The issue:

The images or art for Orbs, Ingots, armor and other things in Gems of War may be missing completely from the game, while others will still remain.


Fixing the problem

To resolve this issue, close Gems of War.  Ensure you are logged into the PSN account first used to download Gems of War, then delete your save data and reinstall the game. Next, change your PlayStation 4's language to English and open Gems of War. The assets should return. 

It would be great if you could contact support with "Technical Issue" selected and let us know if you have recently:

  1. Did you get your PS4 from the country you currently live in?
  2. Have you changed the PS4's language settings after the latest update?
  3. Have you done any updates to the PlayStation?
  4. Have you changed the Language in Gems of War recently before the issue happened?
  5. Have you logged out from your PSN account?




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