Enemy troops do not die and the game is frozen


We need more information to understand and resolve this issue, please contact support with the information below.

The issue:

When fighting any kind of battle you may encounter an enemy troop, Gnome or Tower that cannot be killed. When the battle ends it will not disappear. 

Fixing the problem

If you are experiencing this problem, please contact Support with the following information and a screenshot or video of the issue: 

  1. Are you using WiFi or Ethernet connection?
  2. What game mode were you playing in?
  3. Can you remember whether or not the 'ghost troop' or 'empty board' was killed by either 
    1. A Doomskull match
    2. A spell that 'Explodes' gems which targeted a Doomskull?
    3. Any other Troop that casts an explosion spell.


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