Play the Invasion event with your Guild to help invade and siege the enemy Citadel and earn rewards.


Find the Invasion event by opening the Guild menu on the World Map and selecting Invasion when an Invasion event is running.

On the Invasion Overview screen you can see:

  • Your current progress in the siege
  • The number of Towers you've defeated so far
  • How many Sigils you have
  • The type of Troops you will use Invade


For this event you must use a team of the invading Troops to defeat as many Towers as possible. When accessing the event, your Troop filter will therefore be locked so you can only use Troops of this type in your team!

Sigils are the energy used to fight battles: every battle in the Invasion event costs 1 Sigil to play. You receive 4 Sigils at the start of each day (07:00AM GMT). Gain more Sigils by defeating Valravens or purchasing them in the Invasion Shop.


Fight and Defeat towers to earn Rewards


On the Fight tab you can see all the Invasion stages. You start at the village on the outer edge of the Keep and must fight your way through the stages to the Citadel.

As you progress through the Stages, you will encounter more Towers in battle. If you make it all the way to the Citadel (Stage 8) you will face 4 Towers in every battle. Defeat as many as you can to earn Rewards and claim them on the Rewards tab!

On the Rewards tab you can see the rewards for each stage your Guild completes, as well as how many Towers you need to defeat as a Guild to unlock the current Stage Rewards.


Note: You must be in the Guild when the Guild completes the Reward Stage in order to collect the rewards.


Use Siegebreaker Troops for more power

A new Siegebreaker will be released at the start of every Invasion event. Siegebreakers have special spells and traits which allow them to do a LOT of damage to Towers. Purchase Siegebreakers in the Invasion Shop. Purchase extra copies of the Siegebreakers to Ascend them to do even more damage to the Towers.



Menu overview

Invasion Shop

In the Invasion Shop you can use Gems to purchase special Invasion packs which will help in the Siege. Each pack or Tier may contain:

  • Souls to level up your new Troops
  • Gold
  • Sigils
  • Event Troops
  • Siegebreakers
  • Special Weapons from the event Kingdom
  • Traitstones to upgrade your Siegebreaker
  • Diamonds

Each Shop Tier must be purchased in order. Tier VII of the Invasion shop can be purchased as many times as you want. 


Guild Tab

The Guild tab shows how every member of your Guild is doing in the event. The Guild Roster here is sorted by the highest Tower level and number of Towers destroyed.



The Leaderboard shows the 100 players who have the highest Tower level and who have destroyed the most Towers during the current Invasion event. The players in the Top 100 will earn extra rewards when the event is over.

You can also see how you compare with the rest of the community here.




  • Sigils will accumulate day to day during the event. You will earn 4 each day, however they will not carry over into the next event, so ensure you use them before Weekly Reset
  • If you want to spend the least Gems possible, try purchasing to at least Tier III so you can get the maximum damage possible with the Event Weapon and the Siegebreaker Troop
  • Try to defeat the Towers as soon as possible and worry about the other Troops once the Towers are defeated
  • Prioritise Towers which deal true damage, damage, and then towers with armor
  • Consider using weapons which remove all armour to defeat the Towers more quickly. Weapons such as Mang are a good choice
  • Remember Towers are immune to all status effects, so go for high damage dealing troops over ones which cast status effects.


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