Reinstall Gems of War on Xbox and PlayStation 4

If you are experiencing game lag, performance issues, freezing or crashing on Xbox or PS4 you may need to reinstall Gems of War. Reinstalling will ensure your game has the correct game assets and information.

Before Reinstalling Gems of War, ensure you are logged in to either the Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network (PSN) Account first used to Download Gems of War. Your game progress is linked to the account used to download the game and is stored on our servers, so reinstalling will not cause a loss of progress if you take this step. 

PlayStation 4

  1. Locate game in the Games Menu
  2. When the desired game is highlighted, press the Options button on the controller
  3. Select Delete
  4. Confirm

Xbox One

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide, and then select My games & apps.
  2. Select Games.
  3. Highlight the game you want to uninstall, press the Menu button, and then select Manage game.
  4. Select Manage all, select Uninstall all, and then select Uninstall
  5. You can then reinstall the game from the Microsoft Store.

Instructions taken from Sony and Microsoft Support.

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