Gold, Gems, Souls and Glory

Gold, Gems, Souls, and Glory are the main resources used in Gems of War. Use these Resources build your Kingdom and unlock and power up your troops. Learn tips for collecting these resources and what to do with them.


How do I find it? The easiest way to earn gold is by fighting battles in Ranked PVP and collecting Gold Tributes from other Kingdoms. The more difficult the opponent in PVP, the higher the Gold reward will be. Some Armor, an increased Difficulty Level and a higher VIP level can earn more Gold. Certain Troops have Spells that can generate Gold - such as Tyri - and some also have Traits which increase the Gold bonus calculated after a battle. Gold can be purchased for Gems in the in-game Shop. Some Weekly Events (found in the News > Events) tab also offer Gold for using a certain troop in PVP and Explore.

What is Gold used for? Gold is required to increase your Kingdom's Level. Levelling your Kingdoms increases the income (Tribute) amount you earn from other Kingdoms you have unlocked as well as your Gem Mastery. At level 10 you unlock +1 Skill Point for all your Troops. You can also use Gold on some Guild War Sentinels to gain a temporary Stat Bonus for the week.


TIP: You can spend the Gold you earn at the beginning of the game to level all your Kingdoms to Level 10 giving you an increased stat bonus on all Troops. Gold can then be prioritized to go to your Guild where it is used to earn higher value rewards in Guild Tasks.


How do I find them? Gems can are the hardest resource to acquire but provide the best value. Earn Gems by collecting your Tribute from multiple Kingdoms, playing Treasure Hunt, playing Weekly Events and collecting the rewards from Guild Tasks. The easiest way to earn Gems is to purchase them from the Shop. Gem Sales are run occasionally through out the year.

What are they used for? Purchase Armor, Gold or Souls in the in-game Shop. Armor can be purchased by going from the World Map to the Hero > Appearance menu. You can also purchase Troops, Weapons and Sigils in the weekly event shops. Most importantly, Gems can be used to open Gem or VIP Chests once you've spent all your Gem and VIP Keys. These chests have the highest chances to earn rare Troop cards and Traitstones by default.

TIP: The Blue Statue provides up to 390 Gems for the whole Guild when completed for 750,000 Gold.


Earn income (Tributes) from other Kingdoms you have unlocked including Souls, Gems, Glory and Gold Keys.


How do I find them? Souls are found as frequently as Gold but in lower quantities. Find Souls at the end of battles, when collecting Tribute, completing Challenges, and by purchasing from the Shop. Increased Souls can be earned with certain Armor, Difficulty Level, VIP Level and by using Troops with the "Necromancy" Trait. Some Troops also gain Souls when casting a Spell in battle, on top of the normal Battle Rewards earned after completing a battle.

What is used for? Souls are used to level-up your troops to increase the power of their Spells and Stats such as Armor, Life and Attack.


How do I find it? Glory is the easiest to earn from Ranked PVP and Guild Wars Battles. It can also be earned from Kingdom Tributes, Treasure Hunt, opening Glory and Gold Chests and for reaching PVP Tiers 1-10. Some Shop packs also contain Glory. Ranked PVP battles will award more Glory than Casual PVP Battles.

What is used for? Glory is a special resource as you earn more of it with the more competitive battles you complete, allowing you to celebrate the 'glory' of these victories. Glory can therefore be used to open Glory Chests after all Glory Keys have been spent, and it offers a selection of resources you can trade for Glory in the Shop under "Glory Rewards". 20 Glory will open one Glory Chest.

TIP: Fight special Revenge or Rival battles against opponents you have previously fought in PvP for an additional +2 or +3 Glory, respectively. 

Purchase resources from the Shop with Glory 


Each week a more expensive Glory bundle based around that week's Event will be available. They will change at Weekly Reset each week. These are a great way to guarantee a new troop which won't be available in Chests until 4 weeks after the Event, such as the Scurvy Seadog pack above.

Their contents vary slightly depending on the rarity of the troop featured in the bundle (the items with * next to them).

  • 1 Event Troop *
  • 2 Glory Keys
  • 10 Gold Keys
  • 5000 Gold
  • 2 Arcane Traitstones *
  • 3 Minor Traitstones

For lower Rarity troops you can earn more copies: For troops of Epic, Ultra-Rare, Rare, or Common value, the copies of the Troop cards are 1, 1, 2 or 3 respectively, and the lower three rarities only have 1 Arcane Traitstone. Both the Arcane and Minor Traitstones match the troop in the bundle.


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