Fight Dungeon Bosses each day to earn Jewels and craft resources. Jewels are used to create Mythic Troops, Weapons and other items in the Soulforge.


To unlock the Dungeon you must complete the Quest Line in Drifting Sands. Once the Dungeon is unlocked you can find it in the Games Menu on the World Map. There are 3 battles to complete each day with increasing difficulty and Rewards. Dungeons are the primary way to collect resources for use in the Soulforge. In comparison, the Dungeon has an opportunity to earn more crafting resources that Guild Tasks or Live Events. 


Fight battles against Bosses

Each day you can fight against 2 Mini-Bosses and one Mega-Boss. These 3 Bosses are extremely powerful versions of normal Troops. They have variations of Spells that the normal Troop card would not have. Select the "?" icon to see the difference in the Boss' Spell.

Special Boss abilities

An example of the power of Dungeon Bosses is the Bone Dragon. Unlike the normal Bone Dragon card, King Bone Dragon strips ALL Armor and creates more than 25 Skulls. On the other hand, the standard Bone Dragon card will typically only destroy up to 25 Armor and creates a minimum of 9 Skulls for each 4 Armor Destroyed. 


Dungeon Rewards

Defeating a Boss awards you with various amounts of resources including Jewels, Shards, and Diamonds as well as the standard battle Rewards (Souls, Gold, etc). Be sure to save these up for something you really want!


Dungeon Days and Jewel Rewards

Depending on the Dungeon Type for that day different Bosses, Rewards and Offers will be available. These change every day at Daily Reset. The schedule in GMT is as follows:

Day Dungeon Rewards
Monday Ice Sapphires
Tuesday Forest Emeralds
Wednesday Fire Rubies
Thursday Storm Topaz
Friday Arcane Amethyst
Saturday Stone Garnets
Sunday Lucky Diamonds


Special Offers menu

To earn more Jewels and resources you can purchase the Daily Gem Bounty from the Dungeon Offers menu for 50 Gems. This will only be available after the first Mini-Boss is defeated (the battle must be won). A similar offer is available as a Daily Deal for real money in the form of an in-app purchase. The Special Offer Rewards also depend on the Type of Dungeon Day.


NOTE: Diamonds are NOT Gems. Gems are an in-game currency which you can use in the game shops. Diamonds are resources used for crafting in the Soulforge.

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