Daily and Weekly Reset: Events in Gems of War

Daily and Weekly Reset is the time that all the Gems of War servers "change-over" and a new day dawns on Krystara, heralding new activities and events.

You may hear the Support team or developers refer to Daily or Weekly Reset. Daily Reset is the universal time for a "Day" in Krystara, where changes occur every 24 hours at 7 AM GMT. This keeps the changeover time universal for all players. Some Daily Resets at the end of the week include new content.

What happens at Daily Reset? 

  • New Mail is received (e.g. Daily or Monthly Login calendar)
  • Subscriptions for any purchases (such as the Daily Souls pack)
  • If there is a Guild Wars week, you will earn 5 more Guild Wars battles
  • If there is an Invasion, Raid Boss, Bounty or Class Event you earned another 5 Sigils
  • On weeks where Guild Wars runs:
    • Victory Mail if your Guild won the Guild Wars the day before
    • Special Event Bonus to Gold, Souls, and XP 
  • VIP gifts in the mail.


Weekly reset brings big changes and new events

Once a week Weekly Reset also occurs each Monday at 7 AM GMT. This is the biggest point of the week as new content is introduced and the main event of the week rotates to a different one. When not completing activities by yourself such as Quests and Explore, these Events are fundamental to the core game-play of Gems of War. The Weekly Event and changeover in Gems of War include:

  • Weekly Kingdom Event: Including a new troop, bonus stats for troops and bonus rewards for meeting special conditions and completing the weekly event challenge.
  • Guild Event: These are Guild Events such as Raid Boss, Invasion, or Guild Wars
  • PvP (Player versus Player) Tiers reset to 0 and the PVP Leaderboard resets
  • Guild Tasks
  • On Guild Wars weeks, Guild Wars Sentinels will also start and end
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