Use Bounty Hunter Troops in the Bounty Live event to collect more points and increase your chances for greater rewards.


Find the Bounty event by opening the Games menu on the World Map and selecting Bounty when a Bounty event is running. During Bounty Events, you must earn as many Bounty Points as possible. Depending on how many points you earn, you will complete a stage and unlock the associated Rewards. The Bounty event lasts for 4 days and runs over a weekend.

On the Bounty Overview screen you can see:

  • Your current progress towards the next Reward
  • How many Sigils you have
  • Points earned so far


Earning Sigils to fight Bounty battles

Sigils are the energy used to fight battles: every battle in the Bounty event costs 1 Sigil to play. You receive 4 Sigils at the start of each day (07:00 AM GMT). Gain more Sigils by defeating Valravens or purchasing them in the Bounty Shop.




On the Fight tab you can see all the event stages. There are 20 Stages in total, each Stage will unlock as you complete the previous one. As you progress through the Stages, the difficulty will increase and so will the Points earned for winning.

On the Rewards tab you can see the Rewards for each stage you complete, as well as how many Points you need to earn to unlock the current Stage's Rewards.



Use Bounty Troops for more Points

Any Troop you own can be used in your Team during Bounty Events, however, Bounty Captains (the current event's special Bounty Troop) and Bounty Troops (from previous Bounty Events) provide Point multipliers to help you earn extra Rewards. To find the Bounty Troops in your collection, search for the word "Bounty" in the Troop Menu.

A new Bounty Captain will be released at the start of every Bounty event. Bounty Troops have a special Trait called Bountyhunter which multiplies the Points earned during the event. The current event's Bounty Captain will give double their usual multiplier if they're on your Team.


TIP: Purchase extra copies of the Bounty Troops and Ascend them to earn up to 6x Bounty Points per Bounty Troop in your Team. 


Bounty Shop

In the Bounty Shop you can use Gems to purchase special Bounty packs which will help in the Bounty event. Each pack or Tier may contain:

  • Souls to level up your new Troops
  • Gold
  • Sigils
  • Bounty Troops
  • Bounty Captain
  • Traitstones to upgrade your Bounty Captain
  • Diamonds

Each Shop Tier must be purchased in order. Tier VII of the Invasion shop can be purchased as many times as you want. 




The Leaderboard shows the 100 players who have the earned the most Points during the current Bounty event. The players in the Top 100 will earn extra rewards when the event is over.

You can also see how you compare with the rest of the community here.


  • Sigils will accumulate day to day during the event. You will earn 4 each day, however they will not carry over into the next event, so ensure you use them before Weekly Reset
  • If you want to spend the least Gems possible, try purchasing to at least Tier II so you don't miss out on the new Bounty Captain.
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