Error 13: An asset has failed to download

If you receive the error message: "Error 13." this is caused by a connection issue. Select Retry and try moving to a more stable internet connection.

 The error message "Error 13: An asset has failed to download or is corrupt. Please visit our support site for more information...." The error code may then have a different message following, such as "Your connection to the server has timed out." or "Generic HTTP".


Preventing the error

The development team has have suggested that, although it appears very frequent as if it is a bug, this is a standard connection error. Selecting Retry and change your Internet connection to something that is more stable should assist. If you still have a problem, here's some things you can try. Close the game first before trying these steps and ensure your account is linked.

Note: The error code will later be adjusted to remove the note to to contact support as the first resolution for this is to reconnect to the Internet. 

1. Clear cache 

On an iPhone you can reset your RAM by holding down the power button until the 'Slide to power off' button appears, then hold down the home button for five seconds. The phone should return to the home screen, refreshing the RAM if done correctly. You can also clear cookies and cache from your browser. Check if you have an update to install here.

Depending on your Android device, you can open Settings > Storage > Internal Storage > Cached Data. Tap this and confirm to clear the cache. You can also try opening Settings > Apps > Gems of War, selecting the app and the tapping 'Force Stop'. Some Android devices also offer a 'Smart cleaning' option which you can use to remove temporary files and caches.

2. Reinstall the game

Ensure your account is linked and you've noted down your randomly generated password before reinstalling. Most devices allow you to press on the app and hold it down until an "X" or "Uninstall" option appears. On Android open Settings > Apps and navigate to Gems of War.; select the application then tap 'Uninstall'. 

Once the game is reinstalled, you may have to scroll through each tab of Troops, Weapons, Pets, etc until all the art has finished loading. 

Note: Android does not always completely uninstall applications for up to 24 hours. If the app says 'Disabled' in the list of apps, ensure you select it then tap Uninstall.

3. Change your Internet connection

If you're on WiFi, try changing to 3G or 4G, and vice versa. If you're connected to WiFi, try turning the modem or router off, waiting for at least a minute, and then turning it on. 

Ensure Background App Refresh or Background App Data is set to On or enabled for Gems of War. If you have any data management applications such as "Opera Max", try disabling them or white-listing Gems of War. The game requires a stable and unvaried connection.

4. Contact Support

If the above fails, please contact Support with the following information and "Technical Issue" selected.

  1. Click this link to open your browser
  2. A window should open displaying something; screenshot or copy/paste what you see
  3. Submit a ticket to support with the information included.

The information that you need to send us should display something similar to the following:

Gems of War
Version: 85
Deployed at: 30/01/2017 6:59:16 PM
Host: ip-172-31-57-213 

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