"Server error: CLIFFY" forces the game to close


PVP (Not Guild War) Battles will still record as Wins and earn rewards, but we need more information to understand and resolve this issue long-term, please contact support.

The issue:

The error "CLIFFY-TXC6497OOT" or similar (or CLIFFY-XXXXXXXX) will appear at the end of a battle before the Victory screen or at any other time in the game.


This is caused by the game requesting information from the server twice: Firstly, the victory/rewards go through, then again a request is sent shortly after forcing the game to error as the game has now ended and the battle is over.

Fixing the problem

If you have won a battle and this error appears before the Victory and battle rewards screen, the rewards (Souls, Gold, etc) will still be sent and the battle will register as Win. You can check this in the Battle Logs section of the PVP Menu.

If the error happened during a Guild Wars battle, the rewards will be sent but unfortunately the battle may count as a loss. Despite the bug, the Technical Support team can't change your score or award you the correct Guild Wars points: The score has already been sent from your device, logged to the server, and forwarded to various other games. 

If you would like to help us resolve the issue

Please contact Support with this information and "technical issue" selected. Let us know:

  1. Are you playing on WiFi or 3G/4G? 
  2. Did you have a stable internet connection at the time?
  3. Did you notice anything odd at the end of the battle?
    • For example, a Troop getting hit twice.

Thanks for your patience whilst the game-team investigates this issue.




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