Xbox communication issues in Guild and Global Chat

Try this workaround to help resolve any issues sending messages in Guild or Global Chat on Xbox One.

Close Gems of War. Next, from the home screen on Xbox:

  1. Select your Xbox Live icon/profile
  2. Settings
  3. Account > Privacy and online safety
  4. Xbox Live data > View details and customise
  5. Communication and multiplayer
  6. Change "Others can communicate with voice, text, or invites..." to "Everybody" and ensure "Join multiplayer games" is set to "Allow".

Gems of War is designed to fit with Microsoft's Parental Controls and Privacy policy standards: if any player you in a Guild or on Global chat as their Xbox Communication and Privacy Settings restricted (for example, set to "Friends" in Others can communicate with voice, text, or invites), they will experience difficulties communicating.

Ensure all Guild members or players you are trying to talk to have performed this to help resolve chat messaging problems. Have them follow these steps to check the settings are correct, even if they think they are.




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