Point Scoring for Guild Wars

Simply winning a Guild Wars Battle will earn you plenty of Guild Wars Points, but if you want to really optimize the number of Guild Wars Points you earn in each Battle, you should look to your Guild Wars Defense Teams and the individual actions you take in each battle as they will affect the number of points you earn.

Guild Wars Defense

Setting 24 unique troops in your Guild Wars Defense Teams will give you a bonus 12,000 Guild Wars Points which are split into 2,000 points added to your result for the first win of each day.

TIP: It's more important to have 24 unique troops set than to have good defense teams, so if you can't make good defenses with 24 unique troops, don't worry about it.


Each day is assigned a different colour. If you fight using troops of the day's colour you will gain 50% more Guild Wars Points per troop per battle. In addition:

Guild Wars points depend on 4 things:

  • Whether you win or lose (same as before)
  • How many troops you use of the correct daily color (same as before)
  • How many troops you have alive at the end of battle (similar to before)
  • How many turns it takes you to win (new!)
  • My “Mana Efficiency” i.e. how much better I am at collecting mana than my opponent (new!)
  • My “Damage Efficiency” i.e. how much better I am at dealing damage than my opponent (new!)

Also, points are 300 straight up per battle, to lessen & spread out the effects of RNG in battles as you approach the paragon.

Now let’s dive in and examine each of the new ones in a little more detail.
Note that we have a weighting here of A%, B%, C%, D% on each of the 4 criteria. We’re not telling you exactly what those numbers are, and we likely WILL adjust them next week, but they’ve been chosen to try and make each of the 4 criteria of equal importance given the data we collected from 1000’s of games about the efficiency and speed of players at multiple levels.
I am not sharing those exact numbers for 3 reasons:

  • Things like this generate 100’s of tickets for our support team, with about 99% of them containing incorrect math
  • They will cause any discussion here to degenerate very quickly
  • The numbers we have will NOT be optimal as the game evolves, and we will change them accordingly (with warning, of course! if we de-emphasize or enhance one of the criteria in a future week, we’ll let you know)

1. How many troops you have alive at the end of battle

This is identical to how it behaved before (i.e. you get a bonus for every troop surviving but it has been de-emphasized a bit - about half).

SURVIVAL_BONUS = NumTroopsSurviving * A%

2. How many turns it takes you to win

By “turns” we mean unique actions (so a goblin who casts his spell, then matches 4 gems, then matches some skulls, has performed 3 actions)
You get bonus points for every action less than 30 that you take… So say you get x% bonus per turn - take 20 turns, and you will receive 10*x% as your bonus

SPEED_BONUS = Max(30-MyTurnsTaken,0) * B%

3. Mana Efficiency

We base another bonus on mana collected during play: Max(4, MyTotalMana/EnemyTotalMana)… if enemy mana is 0, it defaults to 4.

MANA_BONUS = Min(4, MyTotalMana/EnemyTotalMana) * C%

4. Damage Efficiency

Very similar to mana efficiency, but looks at damage instead. Some quick notes:

  • Devour & Death Mark (insta-kill skills) do not count as damage
  • AoE damage counts its damage for every troop hit, so 10 damage on all 4 enemies = 40 damage
  • All other damage dealt by spells, traits, & skulls is equivalent point for point.

DAMAGE_BONUS = Min(4, MyTotalDamage/EnemyTotalDamage) * D%

And finally…


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