Game freeze at the end of battle on Android


This issue is fixed in the next update, 4.0. Avoid using Weapons with certain affixes.

The issue:

The game board may freeze at the end of a battle after killing the last enemy. This is caused by using a Hero with a weapon with the affixes Striking, Treacherous and Rending to kill the last enemy in the match. The Weapon will otherwise work fine through out the battle. Weapons that may cause issues include Hopes Crescent and Earth's Fury.


Fixing the problem

The Gems of War development team is looking into resolving this issue. In the meantime, to avoid the issue: 

  • Avoid using any Weapons with the following Affixes to kill the last enemy:
    • Striking 
    • Treacherous
    • Rending
    • Reaching (this may cause some minor lag on iOS or Android but no game freeze)
  • Fight battles on iOS or PC instead of Android when using this Weapon. Go here to learn about linking your account to another device. 

This player-written thread on the forums has some good suggestions for Invasion Teams to use that don't include some Weapons which cause the issue.  If you are missing rewards from this problem, please contact support with "Missing Rewards" selected.

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