Did not receive rewards or resources

If you are missing rewards from inside your game you can contact Support with detailed information.

Depending on the type of rewards or resources that went missing and how contact support with Missing Rewards selected and provide the following information: 

  1. What went missing and where?
  2. The exact time (or as close to it as possible) you last saw the item or resource?
  3. What date did you remember first earning it? For example, if a Troop has gone missing, did you earn from an Event Chest on Friday the 23rd of July, and if so, at what time?
  4. Where you first earned the reward or resource? Such as a Live Event, Chest, or from the Soulforge.
  5. Any screenshots

The Technical Support team can check the data logs of your account and see what went wrong with detailed information.

NOTE: If you are experiencing a purchase problem please go here.


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