Gems of War Glossary of Terms

A complete alphabetical glossary of words and phrases that are used in-game and by the Gems of War developers.


Magic? Mana-generators? Mana-generators? This list is a general overview of common words or terms in Gems of War and an explanation of what they mean. In the context of Gems of War, some words may mean something different to what they do in other games or outside of the game altogether - for example, Skills does not refer to a craft or ability, but the "Stats" of the Life, Armor, etc on a character.

NOTE: This glossary does not define resources or key features in the game. It is intended to explain game jargon. To see a tip on a resource, select it in the game for a short description of visit game guides.

Gems of War glossary

Troops: The core of Gems of War, Troops are the collectible characters in the form of cards. Use Troops of varying power on Teams to fight battles against enemies and progress in the game.

Hero: You! The Hero is the character you play as in Gems of War. The Hero can be placed on Teams and, unlike Troops, wields Weapons which have their own cards.

Magic: Magic is a Skill which each Troop and Weapon has. Magic scales the total damage your Troop or Hero can do with a Spell, and is denoted with a purple font in Spell descriptions.

Life: The amount of health your Troop or Hero has before it dies. 

Attack: The damage your Troop or Hero does when matching Skulls. 

Armor: The Skill or Stat point that must be diminished before the Troop or Hero takes damage to Life. Protection. 

Mana: Mana comes in the form of colored Gems which are placed onto the game-board used during a battle. Each Gem equals one Mana, and Mana fills your Troops so they can cast Spells. 

Mana-generator: These are Troops which have Abilities that create more Gems on the board with the aim of filling other Troops' Mana.

Card: Otherwise known as Troop.

Abilities, Spells: Abilities are the core of Troops and Weapons: This is what they do when used or "Cast" by you as a player. Abilities are different for each Troop or Weapon, though some have similar qualities (such as doing damage).

Skills: Otherwise known as Stats, Skills are the Life (health), Armor (protection), Magic (power), and Attack (Skull damage) of a Troop or Hero. 

Doomskulls: Doomskulls are pulsating Skulls that provide an additional +5 Damage when a Troop or Hero in the first position matches them, dealing Skull-damage. Doomskulls explode They do not act like Mana.

Skulls: Skulls can be matched like Gems on the game board but do not provide Mana. They deal damage to the first Troop on the enemy team, based on the Troop in the first position's Attack Skill.

Tribute: Income in the form of Gold and other resources that is collected from Kingdoms.

Board: The checkered squares that have Gems and Skulls on them, used to fight battles against enemy Teams and other Troops. The battleground of Gems of War.

Gems (mana): Not to be confused with Gems which you can collect, these are the colored circles (Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue, and Brown) placed on squares on the game board.

Krystara: The World or land that Gems of War is set in.




Gems (resource): The Jewel-like resource that can be collected after battles or other activities and used to purchase content and unlock Chests in the game. 

Gold: The currency of Krystara, Gold is primarily earned in Tributes and Battles and used to purchase Kingdoms and complete Guild Tasks.

Souls: Purple orb shaped items used collected when Troops or Heroes die in battle. Use Souls to level-up your Troops or craft in the Soulforge.

Glory: Small, wing-shaped items that are earned from proving yourself in Player-versus-player facing battles. Used to unlock Chests and purchase some Rewards.

Keys: Rare resources that are used to unlock loot-boxes or Chests. There are Gem Keys, Gold Keys, VIP Keys, Glory Keys, Event Keys and Guild Keys.


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