All Known Issues - Gems of War



  • Cyrup

    The update version 4.2.5. is live. The issues fixed in this update: 

    • The "Opt-in" to Alerts menu pops up when returning to the game if Gems of War is left open as an active window
    • Hero Level is not displayed in the Hero Profile screen
      • Fixed in 4.2.5
    • Help button on Alerts tab in Settings menu does not function on Steam/Mobile
      • Fixed in 4.2.5
    • Graphic issues with the contribution screen for Legendary Tasks - Rewards and items will not resize correctly in 4:3 aspect ratios and will appear to float above the menu
      • Fixed in 4.2.5
    • Pet and PVP Alerts are not received
      • Fixed on 12th December 4 pm AEST
    • The "Enable Alerts" pop-up appears to frequently after selecting "No Thanks"
      • Fixed in 4.2.5
      • The Enable Alerts prompt has been disabled but you can still Enable Alerts in
        Settings > Alerts
    • PVP Alerts occur even if disabled
      • Fixed in version 4.2.5 


  • Cyrup
    • Some Guild War battles can instantly count as a loss if the player you verse does not have a Hero on their team
      • Fixed.

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